Nashai researches, develops and procures novel ingredients to be converted into dietary supplements, over-the-counter medicines and active pharmaceutical ingredients. Currently, Nashai is introducing a proprietarily blended tea extract that is enriched with theaflavin. The trade name of the product is Choleve®. Choleve® has been clinically proven (as published in The Archives of Internal Medicine) to act as a lipid-lowering agent (LDL cholesterol) in people suffering from mild to moderately high cholesterol. Nashai has patented theaflavin’s applications in lowering cholesterol.

Choleve® is a nutraceutical ingredient combining thousands of years of Chinese medical wisdom pertaining to the benefits of tea with western clinical methodologies.  Theaflavin, the prominent compound in Choleve®, is known for preventive applications and health maintenance: cholesterol reduction, colon health, cardiovascular health, heart disease prevention, immune support, anti-oxidantion, and weight-loss.

Nashai Biotech LLC is a multi-national company registered and headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, USA with branch offices located in Irvine, California and Shanghai, China.

Our goal is to introduce intellectual property for science-based products that enhance health by targeting high-impact disease states. A main component of our current focus is scientific analysis and assessment of traditional plant extracts for marketing on a global basis.

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Registered Trademarks:

Choleve® - for applications in functional foods and beverages.

TeaFlavin® - for applications in nutriceutical health supplements.



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