Nashai Biotech LLC announced today that an independent panel of scientists has awarded the company's Choleve Brand self-affirmed GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) status pursuant to federal regulations.  The review, conducted by Cantox, a leading consulting firm for the food industry involved an extensive evaluation of published research and toxicology studies.

Choleve is an all-natural tea extract product enriched with theaflavins.  Through human clinical trial, the proprietary blend Choleve is proven to reduce lipid levels in humans as published in Archives of Internal Medicine, Vol 163, 2003, p1448-p1453, Cholesterol Lowering Effect of a Theaflavin-Enriched Green Tea Extract.

Nashai Biotech LLC has patented the process of making Choleve and its key ingredient for efficacy in lowing Cholesterol, a natural way to maintain heart health.  The patent has been approved in USA and China, and pending for approval in other countries.  Nashai will work with companies interested in this proprietary new offering, helping them to develop Choleve into exclusive formulations for functional foods and beverages.  Choleve offers numerous benefits as an added ingredient to food products such as yogurt, yogurt drinks and smoothies, nutrition bars, sports drinks, and other beverages.  As a functional ingredient, Choleve emanates fresh tea aroma(fragrance), dissolves rapidly in liquids, and is stable at high temperatures.

Choleve is manufactured in a dedicated GMP facility and undergoes rigorous third party testing to ensure the highest level of purity and consistency.
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