Most likely, weight loss occurring due to the intake of Choelve® can be attributed to its key ingredient, theaflavins.  Choelve® is a rich source of theaflavin and it appears to restrain the absorption of fat including cholesterol in the intestinal system.

There are three potential mechanisms indicating how Choleve® may lead to weight loss:


Fat has to be solubilized and broken down into fatty acids before to be absorbed into blood stream in intestine. Theaflavin can decrease fat solubility in intestine. Without solubilization, fat cannot participate any biochemical reactions that are important for fat absorption.

· TeaFlavin can also effectively inhibit lipases, important enzymes used to break down the fat. Without solublization and without chemically broken down, fat cannot be absorbed into intestine.
· Theaflavins can increase 24 hour energy expenditure (thermogenesis) and fat oxidation (fat burning) via inhibiting COMT (catechol O-Methyltransferase)


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